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FIFA 12: Analyzing the Timbers Team and Player Rankings

So FIFA 12 came out on Tuesday and, unfortunately I've not had enough time to properly sit down with the game and explore every nook and cranny that it offers due to a lethal combination of a full time work schedule, writing about the Portland Timbers, and a couple classes I'm taking an Portland State University to finish up my Geography degree. So my total playing time thus far is probably 1-2 hours.I know I promised you guys a review, but that might just have to wait until next week...

In the mean time, I see no reason why we can't analyze and debate the current rankings doled out to the Timbers by the almighty EA gods that be!

So first well start with the Portland Timbers as a whole. The team was ranked 2 1/2 stars with the following scores:

  • Attacking: 63
  • Midfield: 65
  • Defense: 62

Fair, unfair. What do you think? Follow the jump for my thoughts...

Overall I think I agree with this current assessment. I might increase the midfield ranking by 1 point due to some other changes I'd make to individual players but overall I think EA nailed it. The defense continues to be the worst position for the Timbers, despite it getting better in the summer. Prior to Chabala and Palmer coming on board I'd be surprised if the defense was rated 60. The offense is another area that's left weaker than expected due to middling performances by the strikers... Not that Jorge Perlaza, Darlington Nagbe and Kenny Cooper (and crew!) don't have the skills to increase that ranking, it's just that they haven't really performed as they were expected to at the beginning of the season.

Now let's check out the players. According to EA here are our players ranked from highest to lowest:




As we can see I've adjusted some of the players but kept many the same. Players like Diego Chara and Jorge Perlaza I believe have performed up to their level. Diego Chara probably wouldn't have been ranked so high prior to August, but he's really begun to break out of his shell in my opinion and deserves the relatively high markings.

That said, I believe some of the players definitely needed some change. Troy Perkins was the most glaring rankings mistake in my opinion. Given the amount of break neck saves he's made over the last few months and how calm and cool he keeps himself I'd say he deserves at least a 69-70. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and bumped hm up to 70.

Jack Jewsbury is another player I bumped up a bit. While he's been rather quiet since August I think his skill is definitely better than what is portrayed in the game, especially with regards to shooting. As our leading goal scorer at the moment, I don't think it's too far fetched to put him in the same position as Diego Chara, maybe even a little higher.

Finally, David Horst was a player I felt was incredibly under ranked at 59. During the Timbers 5 game unbeaten he played a pivotal role in keeping the defense steady and on more than one occasion he made some terrific defensive moves.

Most other moves were only one or two points. Cooper, for example, was dropped a couple points because his play this year hasn't really been top-of-the-pack as represented by FIFA 12.

But what do you think? This is all entirely opinion and you could have a different one. If so sound off in the comments!