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Portland Timbers Draw Vancouver Whitecaps 3-3 [FIFA 12 Simulation]

Welcome to our new series! I'll be doing this for each and every game this season from now on because, well, it's kind of fun. Essentially what it is is a simulation put on by FIFA 12. I controlled none of the players instead allowing the computer to play as both the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps to get the fairest results.

There are a couple stipulations to go along with today's simulated preview:

  1. I was unsure what Vancouver's line up would be so I just used to stock one.
  2. The Timbers side had both captain Jack Jewsbury and Kalif Alhassan on the team even though they will be suspended for Sunday's match. (I couldn't figure out how to edit a roster of a team when I'm not playing as one)

Really (and I can't stress this enough) this simulation is for fun. Don't take anything too seriously by the results.

First Half

The first half of the simulated game was pretty much dominated by the Vancouver Whitecaps. One player in particular seemed to be the driving force behind the team: Davide Chiumiento. He made his presence felt early on with a 7th minute goal and run that pretty much just sliced through the Timbers backline.

Things began to go back the Timbers way until in the 17th minute the ref awarded Vancouver a PK for what I thought was an absolutely outlandish call, but that's neither here nor there. Eric Hassli stepped up to the plate and slotted the ball right over Troy Perkins' head. The worst part? It was a straight shot and Perkins didn't move, he literally let it go right in over his head...

Finally, in the 23rd minute a quick cross by Jorge Perlaza saw Kenny Cooper do a bicycle kick for Portland's first goal of the night. And no flopping either! Calm, cool precision targeting.

Unfortunately, the celebration wouldn't last too long as Chiumiento would make his presence felt once again with  screamer of a goal in the 33rd minute.

The first half ended dismally 3-1.

Second Half

The second half got off to a slow and rather boring start. Both teams putted around the field trying to find weaknesses (seriously, the computer was playing the game fairly smart!) in each's defensive backlines. At the same time however, neither seemed to want to commit to a full assault.

Then in the 70th minute near the left post of Vancouver's goal, Diego Chara sent in a cross over 3 defenders heads to Kenny Cooper who headed it in bringing the Timbers up to 2-3.

Not to let down the pressure, again in the 76th minute Jorge Perlaza crossed a ball in from the right post this time to Kenny Cooper again which brought the Timbers up 3-3.

Ultimately the game would end there, but it was a thrilling conclusion to the simulated match.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, this was just a simulation and holds no ground on what will actually happen on Sunday. Still, it was fun to see such a great game and Kenny Cooper's hattrick pretty much made the game. I think Vancouver got a little help from the bogus PK call early in the first half, but aside from that it was made very clear that EA doesn't think highly of the Timbers defensive backline as the game could have easily been 4 or 5 goals for Vancouver.


  • Kenny Cooper was Man of the Match
  • Timbers possession: 48% (52% for Whitecaps)
  • Timbers: 6 shots, 3 shots on target
  • Whitecaps: 5 shots, 4 on target