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Portland Timbers Select Four in Supplemental Draft

Today has been an exciting day to be a Portland Timbers fan. First, earlier this morning, we received confirmation that Colombian central defender Hanyer Mosquera has joined the squad. As a big center back with experience he'll be invaluable in helping the Timbers shore up some of those defensive gaffes that were far too prevalent last season.

But that's not where the fun stopped. Soon after the official announcement of Mosquera was the MLS Supplemental Draft where the Timbers chose four players from Universities around the nation. Here's the exact list of players chosen:

  1. Ryan Kowaluk - MF - University of Portland
  2. Miguel Ibarra - MF - UC Irvine
  3. Doug Herrick - GK - St. Mary's
  4. Logan McDaniel - MF - Loyola
No telling whether or not these players will stick with the Timbers for too long. I get the feeling these players are being brought on initially to see how they'll fit in with the reserves and in training, especially since with Mosquera and these four that essentially brings the current Timbers roster to 30 players which is the limit for MLS teams. Still, it was quite ambitious of the Timbers to go after four players.

We'll have more on these players as we're able to get a look at them in training. Until then, stay tuned for more transfer rumors! The latest one puts the Timbers as getting a true #9 striker as their third DP. Exciting!

We'll add some quotes from the coaching staff, etc. from the press release once it gets released.