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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Inside on a Nice Day Edition

Despite being a closed session today without any tasty tidbits from John Spencer to chew on, today's Timbers practice was an interesting one none the less.

Although Kris Boyd was, not surprisingly, not yet practicing we were told that he would likely join the team in around ten days while they are in California.

Brent Richards is training with the team and looked to be running without discomfort during their warm-ups.

All three unsigned draft picks are still training with team as were both known trialists.

Running with the team was another individual with the look of a prototypical Timbers player: big and solid. The Timbers staff on hand were unable to give any details on the mystery player and the closed session gave no hints as to what position he might play.

More practice notes plus quotes from Timbers forward Eddie Johnson after the jump.

After practice several players stuck around. As always, Mike Chabala continued to work long after the team hit the locker room. Being fed passes by trialist keeper Joe Bendick, Chabala worked on his crosses which will hopefully pay dividends once new forward Kris Boyd arrives.

The group of keepers took turns shooting on each other, with Troy Perkins displaying his quick reflexes on several shots.

Troy Perkins and Jake Gleeson continued their workouts on the sidelines with Perkins wearing a pair of elastic bands on his legs to provide resistance.


Eddie Johnson

On preseason so far

It’s nice to get together with the guys again to get ready for the season. I think everyone is looking forward to going to California next week. It is going to be a good test with the games. I think we play the Galaxy a week from tomorrow. Obviously preseason is tough. You get a few aches and pains, but you get used to them.

On his health this season versus last

I’m feeling really good.I put some hard work in [during] the off season and I think it is paying off because I’ve felt pretty strong since I’ve been back. I’ve lost a few pounds and I’m feeling good and ready to go.

On the quality of the Championship where both he and Kris Boyd spent a season

I think it has got a lot of similar qualities. It’s high paced and physical just like MLS. Like you said, I’ve never actually played with Kris Boyd before but I know about him. He scored a ton of goals in Scotland and he’s been at a high level a long time so he is only going to be a benefit. I think it will suit him, our league, from what he’s been used to so I think he will fit in from day one.

On the games he is looking forward to this year

Opening day game is always a special one. Obviously you have such a long break so it’s nice to get back into the swing of it. I think because the schedule is different this year, the way we only play in our conference three times and the other conference once, I think it makes it a bit more interesting for our conference. We’ve got a strong chance this year.

On his goals for the season

I never like to set myself too many goals because you always set yourself up for dissapointment, but I’m just looking to get a chance to stay healthy this year. I think that if I’m fit I can offer something good to the team. I just want to keep myself fit and hopefully get a starting position. I know once I am in there I will get my fair share of goals.