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Timbers Tid Bits: MLS Schedule Release Edition

As you no doubt have seen already, the schedule has officially dropped and now we all know where everything stands and how we should go about planning our various soccer vacations. It's quite exciting to get the schedule so early as compared to previous years!

In any case, we'll have a more in depth piece on the Timbers schedule a bit later. That one will take a look at how it benefits and hurts the Timbers as well as ny predictions we can muster out of it. Should be fun!

In the mean time, enjoy the day's news:

Standing together with the Portland Timbers - Friends of Trees
I like the poster with John Spencer.

MLS teams need to smarten up
Two of Major League Soccer’s biggest clubs are acting like a pair of North American minnows internationally.

Major League Soccer courting U.S. Under-17 star Junior Flores
Major League Soccer is negotiating to sign Herber Mejia "Junior" Flores, the U.S. under-17 national team star who had a breakout performance at a youth international tournament in December.

David Beckham staying in California makes sense for all parties involved
Between MLS, AEG, the Beckham family and David himself, everyone is served by the Englishman remaining in California - everyone bar PSG, that is.

Impact weighing MLS draft options
As the Montreal Impact have recently learned, it's good to have options -- especially when you're holding the No. 1 pick in the MLS draft.

Robbie Keane keen on Villa loan, McLeish says
Teammates with Landon Donovan on the Los Angeles Galaxy, Robbie Keane could soon be playing against the American in an English Premier League match.

MLS announces longest ever season for 2012
The 2012 Major League Soccer (MLS) season will be the longest ever, spanning 267 days from the March 10 first kick to the December 1 MLS Cup, MLS said on Thursday.

Fixing Major League Soccer’s Font Problem
Major League Soccer has made great strides in its aesthetic appeal over the years, but on the back of its teams' jerseys, the font is lagging behind.