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2012 MLS Player Combine: Day One Thread

The first games of the MLS Combine are being held today, the four-day showcase of potential MLS talent ahead of the MLS Superdraft. Notable participants in the first match included defender Matt Hedges, whom many Portland Timbers fans hope will be available for the eighth pick, as well as striker Darren Mattocks, who is widely considered one of the top three players in the Superdraft.

I watched a little of the first game during my lunch break today, and I have to say, Darren Mattocks did not disappoint. He made some good runs and did well to control the ball in dangerous areas. Defenders are more difficult to judge, since defense requires so much coordination and teamwork, both of which are obviously tough to bring together on day one. But Hedges did get up well for some timely headers on his end of the field.

One additional player I was impressed with was Eder Arreola of UCLA, whose touch on the ball was impeccable. He didn't show a ton of speed but easily got around defenders, putting himself in dangerous areas.

Game 2 is in progress as I write; I figured we could use a forum to discuss ongoing developments. Has anyone been watching the proceedings today? Care to share your observations?