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Portland Timbers @ Seattle Sounders Player Ratings: It Still Stings Edition

The Portland Timbers didn't exactly put on a convincing performance on the road against the Seattle Sounders.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

What can you say about last Sunday's game that we haven't already heard ad nauseum? It was a brutal, unforgiving account of what Portland Timbers fans have had to put up with all year. The only thing that could have possibly made it worse was if it was the final game of the season. At least with the current situation the Timbers have two more games to redeem themselves heading into what will probably be a long, cold off season for many of the players.

Despite the result, however, there were a couple players who performed well and who performed as ably as they could despite the rest of the team apparently not believing that away in Seattle was an important game.

Here are the player ratings:

Starting XI

Donovan Ricketts: 5

Will: Ricketts got hung out to dry early and often against Seattle but still made one amazing save that would have kept the Timbers in the game, had they ever really been in it in the first place, when he got a finger tip to Freddy Montero's curling shot that seemed destined for the upper ninety.

Lovel Palmer: 3

Andy: Lovel Palmer actually had a decent game, portraying some of that filthiness he had displayed against the USMNT, but his coordination with the rest of the back line was off, and that led to goals.

Futty Danso: 3

Will: Whether he was getting caught out of position or just being put in a bad spot by a Seattle cross, Futty had an unfortunate night. Culpable in the first two goals, things just kept getting worse for the longest tenured Timber before he was replaced by Eric Brunner.

David Horst: 6

Will: Horst played just like he did in the last game against Seattle: like a beast. Horst cut out numerous passes, made tackles all over the place, and generally pushed around Eddie Johnson. Unfortunately, he did not have the same level of support from the Timbers midfield or defense that he enjoyed last time around.

Rodney Wallace: 1

Stacey: It's possible Wallace doesn't deserve this, because he never ever should have been at left back and it's not his fault that he was playing there. But both the own goal and Montero's goal started with Wallace's poor defending and even a mediocre defender should have played those better. Plus at one point he was defending in the box waving his arms up and down like he was trying to take flight. Wallace, did you learn nothing from the call against Horst last weekend?

Jack Jewsbury: 2

Andy: One key moment of the match for me came after the Timbers leaked the third goal. Having put in what basically amounted to the team's second own goal of the match, the camera clearly shows Captain Jack mouthing the words, "Oh my god." I certainly understand the sentiment, but that's not what you generally want to hear from the 'coach on the field.'

Darlington Nagbe: 3

Andy: And we're back to the back-pass as Nagbe's default MO.

Diego Chara: 5

Andy: Gotta give credit to Chara for trying to get stuff going late in the match and very nearly coming up with an assist. But the defensive failings of the team must fall partially on his shoulders as well.

Sal Zizzo: 3

Will: While he might have been able to play his way out of whatever funk he was in at the beginning of the game, Zizzo was not looking good before his eventual substitution at halftime. His touch was all over the place and possession was a foreign concept to him. what happened to the Sal that has been terrorizing opponents for the last few months? I couldn't say, but I don't like this new guy.

Franck Songo'o: 3

Stacey: I'll let the cheer we came up with at Bazi say it for me: Too many touches! Too many touches! Too many touches! Franck just needs to do everything a little bit sooner.

Bright Dike: 4

Will: Dike gave everything in this game, but it just was not enough. He hustled and fought and just couldn't find the back of the net.


Mike Fucito: 2

Will: Mike Fucito played the same game as Bright Dike but with less power or purpose. And he missed the closest thing the Timbers got to a sitter. Fucito has not had much of a chance to make me a fan but with performances like this when he does get on the pitch it isn't going to happen any time soon.

Eric Brunner: 3

Ryan: Looked just as lost as the rest of the defenders and at times his passes were very close to being cut off. Looked very rusty and not sure if that was due to rust or a lack of urgency/caring because the game was over by the time he got in.

Eric Alexander: N/A

Ryan: Came in too late with little time to affect game that was already over by the time he was subbed in. When he did come in he tried to get on the ball and tried to hit some dangerous passes. Some of those passes were intercepted or did not find the feet of his intended target but his reaction to that was one of frustration with himself and showed that he still cared about the game when some others would not have.


What do you think of our player ratings?