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Timbers Tid Bits: USMNT Edition

A bunch of players drop off the WCQ roster and other US Soccer news.

Miguel Tovar - Getty Images

I am still recovering from this weekend, as I'm guessing many of you are, and now with the two-week break I have nothing Timbers-related to take my mind off Sunday's travesty. Instead I'll have to turn my focus the U.S. Men's National Team as they face Antigua and Barbuda and Guatemala in upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Hopefully I'll get to see a team I support win a game.

Enjoy today's USMNT-heavy news!

Tactics to Watch for Against A&B and Guatemala
A look back at the USMNT's first two qualifiers and what you can expect them to do differently as they face Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala for the second time.

Donovan and Shea Ruled Out of Upcoming FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
Both players ruled out with injuries, even though Donovan was confident he would be ready to play.

ASN article: Edgar Castillo and Fabian Johnson Could Miss WCQ
So who will actually be playing for the USMNT this Friday?

Football fans and their tifos – in pictures
Tifo around the world. Just ignore the first one.

Pro Prospects: MLS Generation adidas targets
Top Drawer Soccer looks at some of top college players in the U.S.

What Do Fans "Deserve"
Timbers fans have been hearing a lot lately about how we deserve more, but do we? What does that mean? There's an interesting discussion over at Sounder at Heart.