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Timbers Tid Bits: Hexagonal Edition

In case you hadn't heard, the USMNT is going to the next round of World Cup Qualifying

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Well, there you have it. The U.S. has qualified for the CONCACAF Hexagonal with what was probably the best performance of the Klinsmann era. World Cup Qualifying is now done until 2013, and MLS action resumes tonight, which means I'll get back to focusing on league news. But today, one last time (I hope), enjoy a bunch of links about World Cup Qualifying, in CONCACAF and elsewhere.

With A Hexclamation Point!: USA 3, Guatemala 1, Fish For Dinner!
Relive last night's USMNT win with the very train-of-thought live blogging by the Shin Guardian, featuring such insights as "CONCACAF is run by cumquats in suits."

Tick, tick – what’s that? The sound of the U.S. attack clicking
The U.S. is getting there, according to Pro Soccer Talk.

USMNT 3-1 Guatemala: Player Ratings
Empire of Soccer rates the guys in the Waldo jerseys.

A look at the CONCACAF Final Six
Looking ahead to the teams the US will meet in the Hex in 2013

Honduras 8:1 Canada. A most Canadian shambles
I was disappointed to see Canada bow out of WCQ the way they did. In fact, one couldn't really say they bowed out so much as stumbled out drunkenly and passed out in the street. Waking the Red talks about what went wrong.

Soccer's Giants Overlook Basics and Pay the Price
In World Cup qualifying elsewhere, surprising results for Spain, Germany, and Portugal. The New York Times looks at what went wrong, but this article is mostly here for a silly picture of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing his ceremonial cap before playing his 100th national team game.

Club vs. Country: Where Do You Stand?
Hot Time in Old Town looks at the never-ending debate. Which is more important to you?

Let’s Talk about Hex, Baby
I just really needed more Hex puns, sorry.