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Timbers Tid Bits: Groundbreaking Edition

The U.S. is going to Russia, Montreal is going to Italy, and the Earthquakes are going to set a new world record.

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Jonathan Ferrey

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm heading into this weekend stubbornly refusing to be even the least bit hopeful. We're not going to win the Cascadia Cup. We'll probably give Vancouver their first ever Cascadia win. After all, if I think like this, I can't be disappointed, right?

Enjoy the Friday news.

Stephen Hart resigns as Canada’s men’s soccer coach
Not surprising in light of the loss in Honduras

The Chase; An Extended Look at the Home Stretch
Keep track of who's in the playoffs, who's out, and who still has a chance of winning a spot.

MLS Week 33: Fan previews
From this article, I learned about the so-called fantasy scenario for the game this Sunday: "Boyd coming off the bench and converting a penalty for a 1-nil, Cup-clinching win."

Stadium groundbreaking: a world record effort
The San Jose Earthquakes will break ground on their new stadium and break a world record this Sunday.

The United States Is Going to Russia (for Soccer)
The USMNT will play Russia in Krasnodar on November 14. The article comes complete with a map of Russia so everyone can learn where Krasnodar is.

The Montreal Impact to tour Italy at the end of the season
Having been eliminated from the playoffs, the Montreal Impact will make their season a little longer by traveling to Italy to play Bologna FC and ACF Fiorentina .

The Throw-In: MLS, NASL closer to working partnership
The details of this partner ship are still under wraps, but MLS says it' all in the name of the growth of American soccer.

Slide Rule Pass - The Man, The Myth
When John Spencer was relieved of his duties in July of this year, club owner Merritt Paulson was at pains to point out that the Timbers were not "waving a...