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Seattle Away: Portland's MLS Cup

With Portland all but out of the playoffs the game Sunday is going to be their MLS Cup. Where will you be watching and if you are going to the game how are you going to get there?

Jonathan Ferrey - Getty Images

Andy's Fanshot concerning the 66,000 tickets sold for Sunday's game got me thinking about the magnitude of the event. It also got me thinking about away travel and what I can do to cover the game on Sunday in a different way. So I have some questions for you, the community, to answer:

1) Where are you going to watch the game? Do you want anyone else to be there? i.e. The Bitter End or some other bar?

2) If you are travelling to the game how are you getting there? If you are not travelling with the TA on one of the buses do you want someone to carpool with?

3) Are you as spacey at work as I am, constantly thinking about the game and a little nervous about the outcome?

4) Besides my usual recap do you want me to do something different? I thought about a Travelogue with what I see as I travel up I-5 and my impressions of game day atmosphere around the stadium etc.. I also thought about a compare and contrast article about the stadium atmosphere. Thoughts?

6 Days and counting! Only 4 work days to get through.