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What Are Your Off-Season Soccer Plans? [Poll]

With the Portland Timbers' off season set to kick off in just over a day, it will mark a four-ish month dry spell for Timbers fans.

We won't be seeing the inside of this place for a long time.
We won't be seeing the inside of this place for a long time.
Tom Hauck

Tomorrow at approximately 6:00 pm, the referee for the Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquakes match will blow his whistle. Right then, right there it's the off season for Timbers fans. There are no more games during for this season and fans will be left to their own devices for around four and a half months, give or take a few weeks depending on the 2013 MLS schedule. Which leads me to my question for you all:

What do you plan on doing during the off-season to get your soccer fix?

Editorially, we here at Stumptown HQ are planning an assortment of exciting content to get us through the off season, especially during the lulls of November and especially December. So don't worry about that. But we can only sate your appetite for soccer so much before, I'm assuming, you'll want to watch actual games again.

Personally, I'm planning on diving head first into the German Bundesliga. Every year I casually follow the league and my team there: Hertha Berlin. As you can imagine, my Bundesliga season is going a bit rough considering Berlin was relegated last year and watching a Bundesliga 2 game is nigh impossible Stateside. However, I've chosen Borussia Dortmund as my interim team and plan on following them vociferously through the off season (as well as Everton in the EPL). Also, it helps that a friend of mine actually subscribes to GolTV... It's like being able to watch a unicorn. That's how rare it is!

I'll also be following the MLS play-offs, naturally. Gotta make sure that neither the Seattle Sounders or Vancouver Whitecaps wins the MLS Cup before the Timbers!

What about you? Do you have any plans at all? Sound off in the comments and poll below.