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Quotes and Videos: San Jose Home Edition

Check out what everyone said about the Timbers' last game.

Steve Dykes

I am going to keep this short and sweet, I have two videos from Gavin and Steven Smith as wells as this awesome pic of my new kit. It is St Mirren!



Other Quotes

Timbers defender David Horst
Thoughts on the way the season came to a close:
"Coming into the game, we knew they would play the first team and give Wondolowski the chance to break the record. We wanted to give our guys the chance and I think they lived up to the chance. In the first half we were falling a bit and in the second half we came to them strong."

What is the approach towards Wondolowski tonight:
"He's one of those guys that will go everywhere, backline, forward, doesn't matter. With that everyone needs to stay on their toes to watch him at all times. He won't run by you or beat you with speed. He will kill you with his cleverness and that's where you have to watch out for him, because just like that he will score a goal. I thought the guys did a great job with that approach tonight."

Thoughts on how you did against teams all season long, including playoff teams:
"I can't put my finger on it, but we get up for the big games. We always have to prepare for the games next year. We have a young team and we have to find ways to be ready for what's to come next year. Hopefully we learn from this season."

On wearing the captain's armband against San Jose:
"This is a great honor. With a storied franchise and for me to wear this armband is something special."

Timbers forward Bright Dike:
What happened on the goal:
"It was great defending on Eric Alexander's part, he picked the defender's pocket. I got on the end of it, and I just tried to tuck it into the back post. The keeper spilled it and I got the goal."

Thoughts on the season:
"This team has to look at what we want, of course it didn't go the way we wanted. But if you look at how we faired against San Jose, the best team in the league, we have a win and two ties this year. So this team is not really far off. I hope next year we can grind out better wins against teams we should have beat."

San Jose Earthquakes Quotes

Earthquakes head coach Frank Yallop
On the end of the season and thoughts on the game:
"It's been a long season. It was nice to, obviously, finish it with a good result. Obviously, a win would be a lot better than the tie, but to tie this game today I think it was probably a fair result. Both teams tried to go for the winning goal, and I think on a difficult night, surface-wise and in the conditions, I thought there was some pretty good football played. And to get through it unscathed, no one's got any injury issues at all, I thought we did a nice job to make sure that we took care of some players that are important to us, and get them out of the game and let some of the younger guys get on."

On Wondolowski tying the single-season goal record:
"Amazing ... He's been great all year. Once it got pretty close that he's going to do the record, we were really hoping he was going to do it. Proud of him. Now we've wrapped this season up, the regular season, we're just really looking forward to the playoffs now. Finding out who we play on Thursday, and then move forward from there."

Earthquakes forward Chris Wondolowski
On tying the single-season goal record:
"It's a true honor to even be linked with Roy Lassiter, a true legend. To have my name even mentioned with him, it's a true honor and I'm full of glee right now. I appreciate all the teammates that have done so much, and such hard work, so a lot of credit goes to them."

Thoughts on the game and his performance:
"I feel happy. Once the game started, it was fun. I enjoyed it. Glad that the 34 games are over, and we get to go into the playoffs now. Love this team; they were definitely looking for me. Wish I could've gotten one in the run of play, but I'll take it for what it is."

On going into the playoffs:
"We feel confident in the locker room. We know it's going to be a battle. We know anything can happen, we know we have to continue to play well. You have one bad game, and you could be out, just like that. It's going to take hard work, a lot of preparation, and we have to execute, as well."

Earthquakes forward Steven Lenhart
On taking a first-half lead, different than previous times against Portland:
"The game plan every time is to try and score first. We treat all teams the same, so we've gone up in other games before. We try and hold them off, and playing here, it's a great stadium to play in, and the fans are behind them. So we were trying to bunker in and hold them off, but they finally got their goal. I thought it was a good back-and-forth game, and it's always fun to play here."

On Wondolowski tying the record:
"I know when I play with him or when he's on the field, that he wants to win and that he's going to give everything he has, so it makes me give everything I have. He keeps me sharp. And it's just a joy to be a part of, and know him, and be buddies with him. He's a cool guy."