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San Jose Player Ratings: End of the line

Some players impressed given the chance, while some players reinforced the need for off season acquisitions.

Steve Dykes

We saw some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces in Saturday's line up and for some of those it was good to see them and others it was not so good. Here are our thoughts on how well each player did:

Donovan Ricketts

Stacey - 5

He made a couple of impressive saves at the end when tipped the ball over the crossbar, but his play leading up to the PK was mind-boggling. Horst put him in a tough spot, but the ball was bouncing awkwardly for Lenhart and Smith was hightailing it back, so Ricketts probably should have stayed home.

Andrew Jean Baptiste

Ryan - 7

So why were we not letting this young player get the experience he needed after we realized the season was over? Of course he is young and will make some mistakes but he showed Saturday he has the physical tools to compete and also has some decent foot skills. I think he will fit really well into Caleb Porter's style and will compete for playing time next year.

Steven Smith

Andy - 6

Smith was back to his old self again on Saturday, no easy task against the speedy Marvin Chavez, who had been on a hot streak with two goals and three assists in his previous three matches. Chavez was quite a bit less active against Smith.

Kosuke Kimura

Stacey - 3

My favorite part of Kimura's game was when he try to signal to the ref for a Timbers throw-in, but he pointed the wrong way. Other than that, it was more of his usual.

David Horst

Ryan - 6

Horst is probably the best CB you could have to take on Steven Lenhart and Chris Wondolowski. He has the size and strength to battle with Lenhart and the ability to stay in front of Wondo. He really showed how far he has come with all the playing time he has earned over the last 2 months and if he can get rid of the one huge gaffe he has a game he could be a fixture in Portland's line-up for years.

Eric Alexander

Stacey - 4

It's a shame he couldn't make more of his opportunity to show everyone, most importantly his future coach, what he's got. He was fine, but unremarkable.

Darlington Nagbe

Andy - 6

I gotta say, I've really enjoyed watching Nagbe this year. He had some flaws coming into the year -- questionable defense and ineffectiveness under pressure, to name the most glaring deficiencies. The improvements he has made in those areas have been just as glaring -- in a really good way. I'm calling it now: Nagbe is going to lead the team in assists next year.

Diego Chara

Stacey - 6

He played a different game than he normally did. I believe he was only whistled for a single foul, and he was more involved offensively, including sending in a couple surprisingly impressive crosses. I wish he would get comfortable shooting though, as he had a couple decent chances that he didn't take.

Sal Zizzo

Ryan - 3

After having a few good games in August he has really slumped and reverted to "zig zag" Zizzo, where puts his head down and runs as fast as he can to the corner flag. He needs to cut it in a little more and make better decisions when he has joined the counter attack. His service on his crosses and the corners/free kicks made me wish Captain Jack was in the game or for Steven Smith to tell him to go away and take it.

Danny Mwanga

Ryan - 4

He played well in a position he has been known not to thrive in. His ability to hold up the ball helped create offense but his inability to get back and play defense left other players out to dry. If he wants time he either needs to show he can be better than Dike or can play like Franck Songo'o on the wings.

Bright Dike

Stacey- 6

Forwards are supposed to score. He did that. His score would be a lot lower if he hadn't because he bungled a lot of chances with clumsy touches.

Mike Fucito

Ryan - 4

Played only 10 minutes and was brought on to continually put the San Jose defenders under pressure. His teammates were unable to find him and hit the ball into space where his speed could have hurt San Jose.

Kalif Alhassan

Ryan - 4

I really was hoping to see Sebastian Rincon instead of Kalif but I understand why Kalif was brought on. Instead of seeing the free wheeling, go at players Kalif from early this season we saw a tentative and no existent Kalif. You can tell his confidence is not there and he did not have the moxie he sometimes has.

Brent Richards

Stacey - Inc.

I would have liked to see Richards earlier. Coming on when he did, he really didn't have a chance to make much of an impression.