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How Will You Watch the MLS Playoffs? [Poll]

For their second year in MLS, the Timbers have missed the playoffs. With Portland out, will you still watch?


Will you root for a non-Timbers team? Will you watch as a neutral and just enjoy the soccer? Or do you ignore the whole thing and pretend that without the Timbers, there are no playoffs?

Personally, I can almost always find one team in an MLS match-up that I like slightly more (or hate slightly less) than the other, so I will definitely be pulling for certain teams when I'm watching the playoffs. This season, I have pretty much learned to hate every Western Conference team. Maybe it's the fact that we played them all three times this season and that sort of exposure breeds contempt. Perhaps it's because seven teams finished ahead of us and the one who didn't beat us all three times we met.

Whatever the reason, I think I have to root for an Eastern Conference team to win it all. It might be the Chicago Fire, who I find relatively inoffensive, or Sporting Kansas City, who I actually find kind of likeable. On the Western Conference side of things, I'll be watching hoping the LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake take care of Vancouver and Seattle. If it has to be a team from the West that wins it, I think I would have to hope for RSL.

How about you? Vote in the poll, elaborate in the comments and enjoy the playoffs however you choose to watch them or not watch them.