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My First Experience with Seattle Away

In anticipation of my trip up to Seattle it got me thinking about the first trip I took up to Seattle.

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

I don't remember another trip that has created so much excitement in me since I went to Ireland with my wife 8 years ago. Fortunately this will not be the first time I will experience Seattle Away but the first time will not even compare to this time.

It was 2000 or 2001 and I was a Sophomore in college when I heard about the return of the Portland Timbers. I immediately called my brother, Kejsare, and told him about it and to talk to my parents. My dad remembering how much fun it was to go to the games in the late 70's and early 80's bought 4 season tickets for all of us to attend the games. The season tickets were on the west side and at the first game my brother and I looked over to 107 and saw a handful of people standing and chanting. We meandered over to the section and had a blast and because of that my dad switched 2 of the tickets over to 107 so Kesjare and I could join the fun.

I still remember some of those early chants and sometimes sing them to myself. My favorite (I don't swear so I substituted words) was this one:

If I had the wings of an eagle, If I had the arse of a cow! I would fly over (insert city name) tomorrow and crap on the city below. Crap on, Crap on, Crap on the city below, below!

The other one that was really popular is one the TA still use today and it is:

Your going home in a Portland Ambulance!

As most of you have experienced before the Timbers at that time had a lot of giveaways and contests at half time, more so than they do now. On one such occasion, this was before cell phones, Kejsare and I spotted our dad down on the field and participating in one such event. He was part of a group who had to dribble the ball down and back and the fastest group would win a prize. No PA announcement on the what the prize was but it was entertaining to see my dad, who had never played soccer but raised soccer nuts, try and dribble down and back as fast as he could. My dad's team ended up winning the prize but we had to wait until after the game to learn what it was.

The prize turned out to be a trip to Seattle to watch the Timbers play. My dad originally only one 1 ticket but convinced the FO to give him 2 tickets and to waive the 21 and older rule, (I was 20 and my brother was 18 at the time). We were going to ride a bus with the other fellow winners and Timber Jim was going to join us on the trek North. We met in the early afternoon at Jeld Wen Field, Civic stadium at this point in time, and boarded the bus for the long ride up.

Being the young whipper snappers that we were my brother and I sat in the very back seats. Timber Jim sat right in front of us and for the whole bus ride we talked with him about a lot of various things. He told us stories about the previous incarnations of the Timbers and all the stuff he used to do.Looking back nothing we talked about stands out but the thing that does stand out is how much of a nice guy he is and the love he had for the Timbers.

Once we arrived at the Memorial Stadium, we could hear the music blaring from outside the stadium. The music continued through the whole match and it felt like the 30 or so Portland fans were one third of the crowd. I don't remember the scoreline and I don't even remember who won or lost. The best part about away travel is the interaction with all the other supporters.

It was a great memory and one I will always look back on fondly.

If any of you have experienced Seattle Away please chime in and tell us your favorite part(s) of it.