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Timbers Tid Bits: Almost Sunday Edition

Timbers and Sounders bloggers analyze the competition, while everyone else looks at the playoffs and Supporters Shield races.

Tom Hauck - Getty Images

I know I pretty much said this same thing on Wednesday, but Sunday just cannot get here fast enough. Have a happy Friday and enjoy today's news, which is appropriately Cascadia-centric.

Learning from MLS: an American Soccer Weekend
A soccer fan from Oxford came to Portland to see his first MLS game.

Slide Rule Pass - Scouting Seattle
The longest scouting report ever. You can download it as a PDF, and then perhaps have it leather-bound. It's the usual quality stuff from Slide Rule Pass.

Christian Tiffert - Space, Crosses and Reawakening Offense
Some scouting from the other side. The Timbers have given up 22% of goals against us on crosses. Seattle scores 24% of their goals on crosses. Sounder At Heart thinks a cross-heavy offense could be the trick against us on Sunday.

Former Sounder Levesque to be presented Golden Scarf
Everyone's favorite person will be honored before the game Sunday.

The Road to the MLS Playoffs
"Had it not been for the last-second heroics from San Jose Earthquakes super-sub Steven Lenhart last Saturday night, which deprived Toros of a huge win, the current situation for ‘Caps nation could have been tenser than inside a battle room of the Allied forces during World War II." Who doesn't love a good WWII comparison? Especially one from a Canadian.

Make Us Proud Again
No matter how bad we feel about 2012, Toronto has probably epitomized the bad season, and Toronto fans have planned a sort of post-game protest.

The MLS Reserves: On the Way to the 2012 Supporters Shield
Sporting Kansas City and the San Jose Earthquakes are the only real contenders left. Who have you got?

Red Bulls Have 3 of 4 Top-Paid Players in M.L.S.
And other top salaries in MLS.