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What Would You Change for the Portland Timbers 2013 Season?

With the season winding down and the Timbers now mathematically ruled out for the 2012 play offs, what do you expect out of the club next season?

Rich Schultz - Getty Images

2012 is done. Well, almost done... There's still the Cascadia Cup to be won tomorrow, but aside from that there's not much left to keep an eye on for the remainder of the season. Which is why we must now turn our long gaze towards the off season and, eventually, the start of the 2013 season as the Portland Timbers look to rebuild and remount an effort to win the MLS Cup.

But 2013 is still quite a ways away and just how the Timbers will manage to reach next year's play offs remain a bit of a mystery as head coach Caleb Porter won't be speaking about the team, or his vision for the club until his duties with Akron are completed in December. So instead we will turn to the fine art of speculation... your speculation that is.

So here's the scenario:

Since we don't know Caleb Porter's plan, or vision for the team. We'll just imagine that you're the new head coach. That means you get to come in and shape the Timbers as you see fit for the 2013 season. Trade players, cut players, bring in big names, bring in MLS players, change formations, anything and everything... You an even hire and fire coaching and managerial staff if you want. It's all for fun.

How do you create a 2013 Portland Timbers side that is capable of winning the MLS Cup?