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3 Initial thoughts from a craptastic game

Portland went away from the cozy confines of Jeld Wen Field and once again gets spanked and sent home. Another amazing road performance for the TImbers...

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

To give a place to vent and to give my initial thoughts on the game I am breaking up my recap a little bit.


As soon as I saw the line-up sheet I knew it was going to be a very long game. If Gavin is truthful with us media types and wants to see what the team has for next year then why did we start two players who have played positions we already know they are suited for? Without Hanyer Mosquera in the back Portland's defense looked out of sorts and lost.

Sal Zizzo

Easily his worst game as a Timber. I remember more passes he made to a Seattle Sounder than to his own teammates. His only move is to put his head down and go fast which as a defender is easy to handle if you know how to do it. His defense left Lovel Palmer on an island and we all know how well he has done as a RB with help.


The subs felt like they were meant as a reward to those players and not for tactical reasons. Fucito for Zizzo could possibly make sense but with Seattle really clogging the middle of the pitch it just adds to an already clogged midfield as Nagbe and Diego Chara like to drift centrally. Eric Brunner for Futty Danso was a head scratcher especially when you would want to go forward and score. Eric Alexander for Nagbe was the "I give up" subsitute.

Go ahead and vent here.