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Two Amazing Strikes Sees the USMNT Draw Russia 2-2

Michael Bradley and Mikkel Diskerud with two amazing strikes to draw the game against Russia.

Claudio Villa

The game is a couple days old at this point, but I just wanted to put up something about it considering that the two goals earned by the USMNT were particularly amazing. Of course, at this point we shouldn't really be expecting anything less of Michael Bradley. However, I'm even more impressed by Mix Diskerud's stoppage time heroics. While the goal wasn't as jaw dropping, the timing of it couldn't have been any better.

Looking into the future of the USMNT has always been a hazy affair. It still is. There just hasn't seemed to be a crop of youngsters on the horizon that we could see, without a doubt, as replacements for our current crop of national heroes. After Russia's game, however, I'm inclined to believe that Bradley, at the very least, will definitely reach that upper echelon, and maybe even beyond it. Seriously, the guy is ruthless on the field.

Here are the goals I was talking about::

Michael Bradley

Mix Diskerud

What did you guys think?