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Are You Watching the MLS Cup Final Tomorrow?

Despite the Portland Timbers not making it to the Cup final, MLS fans in general should be interested in who wins it all.

Stephen Dunn

The MLS Cup final escaped the Portland Timbers once again. Actually it didn't so much "escape" as it took a completely different route 100 miles away from the grasp of the Portland Timbers. An unfortunate scenario, but let's not kid ourselves.

Despite that the MLS Cup is still an important event for fans of MLS in general because it determines who is the overall winner of the league! While some will debate that the Supporters Shield winner is, in fact, the winner the true marketing power is behind the MLS Cup. Bottom line, it will be the most important game for the league, especially with the fact that David Beckham is playing his final game and Landon Donovan could also be exiting the sport this off season.

So, with that in mind, do you plan on catching the MLS Cup Final tomorrow? How are you planning on catching the game? Are you planning on rooting for either of the teams?