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Portland Timbers Player Rankings #34: Lovel Palmer

The lightning rod of criticism of the Portland Timbers.

Tom Hauck

Lovel Palmer came to the Timbers in a mid-season trade last season and for the 2011 season he helped shore up Portland's woeful back line. However his 2012 has been marred by a lot of inconsistent play and shots that went high and wide of the goal. He also had a penchant for hard tackles and yellow/red cards where his most memorable moment of 2012 was the red card he earned during the first Seattle game.

Should Palmer be kept on for 2013?

I am going to go out on a limb and say the result of Lovel's poll will be an overwhelming majority voting for him to go. I can't argue with this sentiment. Lovel's slow feet, ability to pass to the opposition and the ability to give up dangerous free kicks while trying to compensate for the previous two made him a liability on the field. I'm not sure why he got so much playing time and wonder if he had dirt on John Spencer and Gavin Wilkinson.

PS Bonus Points to anyone with eagle eyes.