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MLS Play Off Update: Lower Seeds Dominate MLS Play Offs; Dynamo, DC United, Galaxy and Sounders Move On

Three lower seeded team in this year's MLS play off managed to scrape on through to the next stage.

Jeff Zelevansky

The first leg of the MLS Play Offs might not have made for particularly interesting, or exciting games, aside from the San Jose Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy match, but it certainly did turn out some interesting results! As of today, aside from DC United, every single lower seeded team managed to scrape and claw their way into the next echelon of the MLS play offs.

Here are the results from the last two night's games:

Even more interesting is that every team that did not host this week managed to advance to the next stage, an unlikely scenario.

So with that, the first leg of the conference championships is set to kick off on November 11th with the Houston Dynamo hosting DC United and LA Galaxy hosting Seattle Sounders. One week later, on November 18th, the home teams will be reversed and we'll know who will be playing in the 2013 MLS Cup Final.

The team I've been rooting for throughout the tournament, DC United, is still in, though not without a few red cards. Are you rooting for anybody in particular?