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If You Were President and Owner of the Portland Timbers

Everything is on the line. You're a wealthy owner of the Portland Timbers and it's your job to make this club successful both on and off the field.

Tom Hauck

Welcome to part 3 of our "If You Were..." series where we put you in the role of prominent managerial positions of the Portland Timbers. This is the final part of the series wherein we put you in charge of it all.

Merritt Paulson. Some people love him. Some people hate him. Among the Timbers Army, you'd be lucky to find somebody without some sort of opinion of the man, good or bad. What he does isn't an easy job though as he is directly responsible for both the product on the field as well as being financially successful off the field. While you can argue for varying degrees of success throughout his ownership, it would be a lie to say his job is easy. But f you think you've got what it takes, now's your chance to lay it all out.

Here's the scenario:

You are the owner and president of the Portland Timbers. Everything falls under your careful eye. You ultimately get to decide how you are going to handle the Timbers Army, ticket sales, MLS affairs, and management and coaching staff decisions. Aside from the player movements, you have absolutely control over everything... if you want it. You can push your agenda on MLS, raise or decrease ticket prices, or leave everything to your management staff. Your decision.

What you can't do is make direct formation choices or sign players. You are not owner, general manager and head coach. Delegate appropriately and keep your eye on the bigger picture.

How would you run the Portland Timbers for 2013 and beyond? How would you try and steer MLS?