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Gavin Wilkinson: Portland Timbers Talking to Jonathan Bornstein, Robbie Findley; One Could Be Signed Soon

In an ExtraTime Radio podcast, general manager of the Timbers, Gavin Wilkinson, confirmed that the team is talking to both players.

Stephen Dunn

Here's something that you might have missed if you don't pay regular attention to MLS's Extra Time Radio podcast. This last Monday, Gavin Wilkinson took the stage and spoke with the guys over there. While much of the conversation was pretty basic stuff, most of which we've known about for weeks if not months, they did bring up a couple players that we've all been very interested in since the 2010 Expansion Draft: Jonathan Bornstein and Robbie Findley.

According to Wilkinson the Portland Timbers have been in contact with both players this off season:

We've been in communication [with the players] ... with that communication there's going to come a day, maybe sooner rather than later for one of them, but, ya know, that a move could happen back to MLS.

"Sooner rather than later" ... If that doesn't sound like an off-season move then I don't know what does.

The facts remain that Jonathan Bornstein has been transfer listed by his club Tigres which definitely paves the way for the Timbers to acquire the left back defender. Obviously, this doesn't confirm a move back to MLS, but it certainly opens the door.

Findley, for his part, hasn't been having the kind of European career he probably had hoped for after signing with Nottingham Forest. He was recently loaned out to a League 2 team, Gillingham, for a month but has seen little action with his Championship level side. Such instability is bound to lead to a bit of unhappiness.

Anyway, listen to the podcast as it's quite interesting. I suppose we'll have to wait and see with regards to the actual trades, though don't be surprised come the January transfer window if the Portland Timbers seem a bit more solid in the left back position.

If you could choose, who would you sign?

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