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Rumor: Portland Timbers Eyeing Mix Diskerud for Allocation Pick

Soccer by Ives is calling out Mix Diskerud as the Portland Timbers acquisition target for the allocation order.

Kevork Djansezian

Here comes another big rumor care of Soccer by Ives by way of that Allocation Order slot they picked up in yesterday's big trade. According to the reporter, the Portland Timbers are looking to acquire Mix Diskerud from Norwegian side Rosenborg. Those of you who watched the most recent USMNT game will remember Diskerud as one of the goal-scorers of the match. It was actually a great goal.

This actually might come as a bit of a surprise to many. I don't believe I've seen Diskerud's name around the internet as a possible candidate with many actually focusing on the defense instead. However, this would actually be a perfect pick up for the Portland Timbers given their desire for a young, creative style of play under Caleb Porter's vision.

Diskerud himself is only 22 years old and has recently been very impressive at his Norwegian side. While I'm not terribly familiar with the Norwegian league, a move to MLS might actually be seen as a step up from those leagues where American players once flocked.

As always, this is a rumor. Despite Ives being correct yesterday, this should not be taken as a confirmed move. Especially since it's about the allocation order. These kind of deals can always fall through with relative ease.

What do you think about bringing in Mix Diskerud? Is a Diskerud - Johnson led midfield exciting?

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