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Diskerud's Agent Responds? Porter's Interest in Mix Supposedly Confirmed

Apparently, Mix Diskerud's agent, his father, has responded to the overwhelming amount of inquiries into his son's current plans.

Kevork Djansezian

Earlier this morning, Mix Diskerud's father, Paal Diskerud, released a statement with regards to the current hot topic rumor of Mix playing in MLS and, specifically, for the Portland Timbers. According to his agent/father, Caleb Porter has approached Mix about playing for him in Portland and that Mix is well aware that he would be one of the first young up and coming stars to travel to MLS to raise his profile.

Here's the full statement:

Due to a number of inquiries from press and soccer fans yesterday and today regarding Mix, I have been asked to convey the following:

  1. Mix is on vacation in Arizona and California and does not want to speak directly to press before the holidays, or before an agreement is in place regarding what club he is entering into agreement with for 2013.
  2. Mix's current employer is Rosenborg BK. In his opinion - a great club -- with the best of long term European tradition.
  3. Caleb Porter has contacted Mix and asked him to consider joining him on his move to the Portland Timbers, if possible.
  4. Mr. Porter is a coach that Mix personally has had time to evaluate and rate. Mix believes in Mr. Porter's potential to build balanced teams along the modern - and in the opinion of Mix - most fun styles of play.
  5. Representatives of the league ownership in MLS including Portland - and Mix - has not at this point attempted to contractually bind each other.
  6. Mix does not need to consider his willingness to struggle for the principles that he knows Mr Porter brings to the game. Nor does Mix need to consider or have any doubt that "The Timbers Army" long has been setting the standard for how football/soccer should be enjoyed in the United States of America and Canada. Mix is somewhat unfamiliar with both MLS and the Portland Timbers organization and player pool, but is very honored that both have asked him to help along and promote the world's overall greatest/biggest sport in the country he has chosen to represent internationally.
  7. The short term goal of Mix is to be able to co-contribute in moving the USMNT further up the FIFA World Ranking Table.
  8. Mix does know, that until now, it has been uncommon for young players of European leagues, educated in European leagues, to go play professionally in USA and Canada early on in their careers.
  9. If Mix returns to Norway before New Year, he does so in order to play for Rosenborg specifically.
  10. Mix enjoys his life, is grateful for the positive experiences his chosen sport has given him, and wish as many as possible – a merry christmas.

Paal Diskerud
Player's Agent by demand.

Make of it what you will. This comes by way of BigSoccer where Mix is reportedly a regular commenter/forum browser. We can't personally confirm or deny this.

What do you think of this latest development?

[BigSoccer, also thanks to Kejsare for also pointing this out in the FanPosts.]