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Timbers Tid Bits: NWSL Edition

Rick Stewart

Things seem to be moving along, albeit haltingly, with the new women's league. The name, National Women's Soccer League, and logo were announced during halftime of the final game of the USWNT's victory tour, although so far it seems the league's only website is their Facebook page. All the teams except Seattle have announced names, and the league is going to have a handful of pretty awful crests (and at least one really great one). As you may have seen in the FanShots, the national team players should be allocated by New Year's, but there are a lot of details about the new league still unfolding, and even the players are still in the dark on some information. I'll start today's news off with that story.


U.S. Women Circumspect on Latest Soccer League
"There’s a lot we don’t know so far, so it’s hard to say what we expect out of it," Rapinoe said.

Rapids Acquire Edson Buddle From LA Galaxy
The Colorado Rapids sent a Supplemental Draft pick and allocation money to LA for the striker, who had a disappointing 2012.

Fourteen players selected in MLS re-entry draft
Geoff mentioned a few of the picks in his post on Friday. Here's the full list for anyone who may have missed it.

Was Rafael Márquez the worst ever MLS designated player?
A look at the worst DP experiments ever. Was Rafa the worst of them all? And will this list feature a certain Timbers player in the near future?

SBI 2013 MLS Mock Draft (Version 1.0)
Check out the new, Timbers-less, mock draft from SBI.

Corinthians beats Chelsea 1-0 in Club World Cup final
I didn't see the game, but I have seen this video of an impressive Fernando Torres miss several times now.

Why You Shouldn't Watch the Club World Cup
I didn't watch the Club World Cup, even though I didn't see this Grantland article imploring me not to until this morning. Although the CWC has come and gone, this is still an interesting article on why what should be an exciting and prestigious competition falls short.