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Twitter: Mix Diskerud Deal Falls Apart?

According to a tweet by Merritt Paulson, the deal being crafted between the Portland Timbers and Mix Diskerud could be sunk.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Merritt Paulson took to Twitter this morning and shared with us something a little interesting. Here it is:

Always disappointing when deals that were done fall apart. Crazy biz but that's the biz we are in. Next option may make more sense anyway.

While he's not naming names, based on last week's hot rumor of Caleb Porter pursuing Mix Diskerud, Mix's agent/father confirming Porter's interest and Paulson, himself, having been following Mix on Twitter it should be pretty easy to surmise that this tweet is in reference to this deal.

Additionally, the notion that the Timbers must now move on to the "next option" seems to imply that this was indeed a pick for the allocation order, where the Timbers will only have a single chance to bring on a player of their choosing.

This is all very disheartening considering the excitement Mix would have brought to Portland, but he definitely has his own career and aspirations to pursue in Europe.

Obviously this isn't confirmed by the Portland Timbers, because negotiations were not ever confirmed. Still, I wouldn't expect Mix to be joining us here in Portland anytime soon.

For what it's worth, Paulson no longer seems to be following Mix on Twitter as well. Take that for what you will.

What do you think of this latest development? Who would you want the Timbers to pursue next?

Update: It's worth pointing out that the Timbers are in constant negotiations with players. So this could be another player entirely. I guess I just wanted to emphasize that this isn't a confirmation, but rather a reading between the lines sort of interpretation of Merritt's tweet. Also I changed the titling to disclose this.