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Portland Timbers Favorites to Win US Youth International Mobi Fehr in Lottery

According to, the Portland Timbers have an 83.1% chance at winning the former U-17 central defender.

Jamie Squire

It's not all doom and gloom today as it appears that the Portland Timbers could be well on their way to securing a very promising USMNT future product in Mobi Fehr who recently signed with the league last November. According to a report on only three teams will participate in the lottery with the Portland Timbers being the heavy favorites to win his rights:

  1. Portland Timbers - 83.1% chance
  2. Seattle Sounders - 15.5% chance
  3. San Jose Earthquakes - 1.4% chance

Those that remember Will's past training reports during the 2012 season will recall that Fehr was trialing with the squad for a few weeks.

For what it's worth, Fehr has been known to play in both a central defender or center defensive mid position. At his age, however, where he ends up is still unknown. At the very least, Fehr will prove to be a solid development product while the Portland Timbers continue to get their own development products underway.

What do you think about acquiring Mobi Fehr?