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Should the Portland Timbers Trade Back Into the MLS SuperDraft? [Poll]

With the Portland Timbers having traded away their first and only pick in exchange for Ryan Johnson and Milos Kocic, should they now consider trading for a new spot in next year's draft?

Ned Dishman

Earlier this week I made the argument that the MLS SuperDraft wasn't as necessary as it once was. That perhaps the academy prospects coming out combined with the NCAA's odd rules and regulations for soccer could be making the whole thing fairly useless overall. Despite that argument, however, it's would be difficult to say that the SuperDraft was completely worthless.

Which leads me to a discussion topic for the day:

Should the Portland Timbers trade back into the SuperDraft?

It's an interesting dilemma for the Timbers. On the one hand, there are a few players in the draft that could make significant impact on the Timbers either this year or next. However, those players are also still placed fairly high in most mock drafts making a trade for one of those picks expensive. Additionally, since the Timbers already traded away their overall #3 pick it would seem that Porter doesn't necessarily see value in any of those players.

So where should they trade into, if at all? Keep in mind they also traded away their second pick (#3 in round 2) to the New York Red Bulls in exchange for allocation money and the rights to New York homegrown prospect Bryan Gallego.

Perhaps, the Timbers will instead focus on the 2013 Supplemental Draft. After all, if 2005 proved anything it's that the players coming out of the Supplemental Draft can be made into great MLS starters. Keep in mind as well that our own Ryan Kawulok came from last year's Supplemental Draft and the Timbers second pick, Miguel Ibarra, is performing admirably in the NASL.

Do you think the Portland Timbers should trade back into the MLS SuperDraft?