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Portland Thorns FC Making Waves; Has Over 2,000 Season Ticket Deposits Already

Portland continues to show that it has a certain knack for the game as Merritt Paulson reveals the newly founded women's team is on track to sell a lot of season tickets for next year.

According to Merritt Paulson via Twitter, the Portland Thorns FC NWSL team already has over 2,000 season ticket deposits after only being available for a few weeks. This number includes people who have deposited the $25 fee to reserve their tickets as well as Portland Timbers season ticket holders who have registered their interest. The latter group is not required to place any investment on their slot.

Here was Paulson's exact tweet:

So we already have over 2k season tix deposits for @ThornsFC...someone help me here, what's most STH of any women's pro US soccer team ever?

According to The Equalizer, the only other women's teams that has come close to these numbers were the Chicago Red Stars in 2009 with around 1,500 season ticket holds and the San Diego Spirit from the old WUSA league. Additionally, I'm not sure if it's still an issue today, but it wasn't too long ago that MLS teams struggled to get this many season ticket holders.

When asked if the numbers would be capped so that games could still be held at Merlo, Paulson responded (via Twitter):

No. Hope we get 2 position where too many STHers to manage well at Merlo is an issue. That would be a champagne problem!

So hats off to the Portland Thorns FC and their respective season ticket holders. The Portland Timbers are already becoming world renown for the fans, let's see if the Thorns can manage something similar.

It is worth noting that nobody knows how much the season ticket prices are yet, however, so this number could fluctuate when tickets actually go on sale.

Are you surprised by these numbers? Have you made a deposit for tickets?