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Rumor: Have the Portland Timbers 2013 Home and Away Kits Been Leaked?

A Spanish blog by the name of Todo Sobre Camisetas has shown off what appear to be leaked images of the 2013 home and away kit for the Portland Timbers.

via Todo Sobre Camisetas

Here's some interesting discussion for you this Sunday. According to a Spanish soccer kit blog, Todo Sobre Camisetas, the Portland Timbers home and away kits have been leaked and are as shown above. While not confirmed, if true, it would be a marked departure from the original MLS kits which has a distinct two-tone look to them. That said, the injection of white back into the kits is certainly appreciated. We are the green and white, after all.

It's worth noting, however, that these kits are not confirmed to be the real kits, merely leaked versions of them. In a response to the leak Merritt Paulson took to Twitter to say:

That’s not the finished product. Might have similarities. Don’t know where this comes from.

The tweet has since been deleted, but can be seen in full on NASN Portland.

If true then we know that at least we are on the right track here for the 2013 kits.

Personally, I quite like the overall design. Some are comparing the away red kit to that of an "American Ajax" which, in my opinion, is nothing but a compliment. Maybe if the Timbers can look like Ajax, they can also start replicating their style and talent for winning.

What do you think of the leaked kits? Are you hoping they're real or fake?