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Lovel Palmer Appreciation Thread

Despite being one of the more unpopular Portland Timbers' players in 2012, Palmer was not without his own merits.

Tom Hauck

Coming in during the summer of 2011 along with Mike Chabala, Lovel Palmer was intended to add extra muscle to he right back position, a consistent sore spot for the Portland Timbers. Unfortunately for Palmer, he was unable to mesh well with the squad or the position to help create a fully effective defensive backline. Instead, he became almost infamous for his "Palmerball" where he would send the ball about 20-30 yards over the net.

But it wasn't all bad times for Palmer in Portland despite going out with a bit of a whimper. When moved as a back up central defensive midfielder he seemed to be at his best adding in a meaningful way to the defense of the team without getting in the way of the offense. Additionally, while he did get a red card immediately afterward, at least he did so by elbowing Eddie Johnson in the back of the head (this is a joke).

Good luck wherever you land Palmer, be it Real Salt Lake or someplace else.

What are you appreciative of Lovel Palmer for? Will you miss him? Please be nice.