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Joe Bendik Appreciation Thread

While with us for only a single season, the young keeper was called on a few times to represent the Timbers in the net.

Ezra Shaw

Earlier this month saw back up keeper Joe Bendik head to Toronto FC in exchange for Milos Kocic (among other things). It was a little bit of a sad affair as the young keeper came up big for the Portland Timbers on a few different occasions.

Unfortunately for Bendik, one of his Timbers career "highlights" will always be the goal that Fredy Montero scored on him mere seconds after taking over from an injured Donovan Ricketts. Additionally, while he only played in 5 games total (326 minutes) he allowed a total of 8 goals. Not very good.

Still, Bendik was a young keeper and what he lacked in talent he made up for in some strong potential. Keepers take longer to develop, which is why it didn't make sense for the Timbers to have two young keepers on their bench. In a few years, after he develops some more, I have no doubt that Bendik can become a great MLS keeper.

Good luck in Toronto Joe!

What are you appreciative of Bendik for?