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Did You Get a Soccer or Timbers Themed Gift? Share It With Us!

What with this being the day when most people are giving and receiving presents, it only makes sense that you should share what you got with us!

Paul Thomas

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday to everybody in Portland!

Okay, can we move on now? Let's get to the good stuff!

As with every year, today marks the day when we all share with each other all of the items, either bought or home made, that we'v e accumulated over the last few weeks. It's a fun time!

But we're not interested in that new fangled iThing, or that fresh pair of new socks you got. What we care about are your soccer related gifts.

So, with that said, what did you get for Christmas that is soccer and or Timbers themed? Feel free to upload a photo, or just describe it to us in the comments. If you didn't get anything yourself, maybe you got somebody else something. Either way, we want to know!

Personally, I didn't receive anything soccer related this year as there was nothing I really needed. I bought a pair of new cleats only months ago and the new Timbers kits aren't available yet.

What did you give or receive for the Holidays?