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How Do You Feel About the Portland Timbers After Yesterday's Moves? [Poll]

Yesterday, the Portland Timbers were one of the more active MLS teams and kicked off the off-season with a number of high profile moves.

Steve Dykes

It's not a difficult task to say that last week the Portland Timbers roster looked significantly different than it does today. Even looking at a possible starting eleven, there are a few changes that look to be made even from the onset. From Michel Harrington and Will Johnson being added to the team to Lovel Palmer, Steve Purdy, Kosuke Kimura and Steven Smith leaving, it's been quite the shake up.

Which leads me to the topic at hand:

How are you feeling about the team and club as a whole after yesterday's moves?

Obviously the Timbers aren't done with their off-season moves, and there will certainly be more to come in January/February, but there's still reason to be optimistic. Will Johnson, in particular, has been seen as something of a coup for Portland. Additionally, the shedding of under-performing right backs should show that the Timbers organization are serious about focusing on that area.

But what do you guys think?