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Portland Timbers Player Ratings Revisited

Community member jwlehner goes all out and does an amazing job teasing out more information from the player ratings.

Jeff Vinnick

After posting my initial cumulative player ratings I received an email from community member jwlehner with the following in depth analysis of both Stumptown Footy's ratings and Oregon Live's Community bloggers ratings. He really went above and beyond with the player ratings and came up with some interesting data. Of course the ratings are completely subjective, vary from person to person, and could be considered utterly useless considering all of those who contributed to the ratings are fans of the team.

Take this information however you want; I felt it gave something to talk about, especially after Rostergeddon.

Here is his Presentation with a slide at the end with his observations:

After reading through the presentation I had some thoughts of my own:

  • Consistency is something Portland did not see a lot of in 2012 and to not be a cellar dweller you need to be at least consistent
  • Interesting that the Stumptown Footy ratings for the keepers and the CBs both went down under Gavin Wilkinson and the only group to go up was the midfielders.
  • Smith is a prime example of what typically occurs to most foreign players who come to play in MLS. They take time to adjust to the rigors of travel, style, physicality of the league.
  • Also interesting to see that Nagbe's ratings increased once he was strictly a midfielder and after John Spencer was fired.