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Report: Juan David Duque Signs with the Portland Timbers [Rumor]

So you guys might have seen the Fanpost here already, but I figured a full blown post was in order considering the weight of this rumor. According to Colombian site, the 20 year old Colombian national team player is apparently just waiting on a visa before he can be officially announced and brought into the team.

"No me han salido los papeles. El trámite de la visa está un poco demorado pero tengo fe y esperanza en que todo se va a resolver para ir a los Timbers."

Using our friendly neighborhood Google translator it roughly states that the visa process has been delayed but he's hopeful that everything will be resolved soon.

Should the deal go through, it will bring yet another fullback into the mix which should, at the very least, help with some depth. Duque will also be the fifth Colombian on the team... more than any other MLS team.

As always, though, I want you guys to take this with a grain of salt. We've known about Duque for a while, but this is certainly no confirmation of his signing. We've also seen deals fall through at the last minute before due to visa issues so even if the ink is drying on the contact, should visa issues become a serious problem the Timbers will probably just walk away.

We'll keep digging around for more information.