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UPDATED: Valencia Saga Comes to an End: Knee Surgery Out 6-12 Months

Check for the update after the original post:

The silence has finally been broken and we finally know what all the secrecy was about. Jose Adolfo Valencia will be having knee surgery to repair damage cartilage in his left knee. The biggest reason this took so long to take care of was the fact that Santa Fe and Portland reworked the loan deal that brought Valencia to Portland as it is still unclear when and where the injury occurred.

The full press release:

The Portland Timbers today announced that forward Jose Adolfo Valencia will undergo surgery to repair damaged cartilage in his left knee. Valencia is expected to miss 6-12 months.

A recent MRI showed damaged cartilage to the surface of the femur in Valencia's knee. The surgery will be performed by Timbers Director of Medicine Dr. Jonathan E. Greenleaf at Sports Medicine Oregon on Monday.

While it is uncertain when Valencia, 20, sustained the injury, the Timbers and Valencia's former club, Colombian first-division side Independiente Santa Fe, have agreed to amended terms of the original loan agreement. Valencia's designation as a Young Designated Player was contingent upon the terms of the original loan agreement. The new loan agreement terms do not require him to count as a Young Designated Player this season. Valencia will remain with the Timbers on their Disabled List while rehabilitating from surgery and therefore not occupy a spot on the team's roster nor count as one of the team's international players.

"Our No. 1 priority is ensuring the long-term physical health of Jose," said Gavin Wilkinson, general manager of the Timbers. "We are pleased to have worked with his former club in Colombia on amended terms of his transfer, considering the circumstances. We are very committed to Jose as a person and as a player, and intend to return to the original terms of his transfer agreement when he returns to full health following rehabilitation."

Valencia, who was originally acquired from Independiente Santa Fe on Dec. 15, 2011, will conduct his rehabilitation with the team in Portland.

"We feel strongly about our long-term commitment to Jose and see him as a big part of the future success of this team," Wilkinson said.


The biggest eye-opener that comes out of all of this was the fact that it was a Loan deal and the fact that he will no longer be considered a DP, which means Portland can still go out and sign another DP. With Valencia out and not taking up an international spot the door is opened to sign 2 more internationals and most likely Songo'o will be one of those.

Not the worst case scenario but not the best either. Hoping for a speedy recovery and many goals for Valencia.

*Shout-out to Zaggy for having it first in the Fanshots



Merritt Paulson sent out some clarifying tweets:

@JeremiahOshan no. "Loan" is purely a technicality until we opt to kick in purchase when/if he's fully recovered


if our drs and their drs conclude he is 100% recovered then we are obligated to move forward. we are confident