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Calling All Media! Portland Has a Great Team, Too

I was sitting in the press box next to Geoff on Monday night and a media relations person from MLS HQs came by and said Don Garber is going to hold a press conference at half time. I then turned to Geoff and said "I really want to ask him about why New York 2.0 is the spot MLS needs to expand to."

Geoff's reply: "You probably won't have to. Someone is bound to ask the same question."

I agreed, and after we watched the first half we both arrived a little late to the conference with Garber. Geoff and I sat there with our phones recording audio and video but to our surprise no one was asking questions about MLS policies, MLS quality on the pitch, MLS expansions or anything to do with MLS outside of the confines of Jeld Wen Field. Every single question seemed like it had to do with the Timbers Army and the fan atmosphere.

I was very disappointed. Yes, the atmosphere at JW is second to none, and all three Cascadia teams have top three fan support in MLS. However, shouldn't the focus be on how good the soccer is in the PNW? Shouldn't we be asking the head honcho of all of MLS questions that pertain to the soccer being played on the field? Especially when someone else has asked a similar question?

I know the TA are awesome and they create an atmosphere that helps the team, but why do we have to ask every visiting player and coach (almost all of them have been to Portland once already) what they thought of the fans? Why do we need to ask every new player what they think of the fans? The answer is going to be the same and I can pretty much write the answers you will get. So if you know the answer why ask?

Judging by Monday's game, Portland is going to be good this year if they can consistently play like they did in the second half. The FO is right it is time to turn the focus away from the stands and towards the field as Portland has a good thing brewing and it could be a special year.

Not only am I calling out the some of the other media, I am calling myself out for not getting in there and asking the questions that you as fans want to know the answers to. I am going to start asking questions more often and avoid asking the obvious ones. This year the focus is on the quality on the pitch not in the stands.