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Post Game Quotes: Signing Bonus Edition


John Spencer

On Ryan Kowaluk

I though he did well with the goal and, like a few guys tonight, his distribution was off. The final ball, final delivery wasn’t there.

He used to come in and train with us quite regularly last season and h always impressed me and that is why we signed him, because we think he is a good player. We think he is ready to play in the first team right now.

On Brent Richards

At times I thought that young players played like young players in a professional environment and they looked very nervous at times. They did some okay things but if you look at it there are probably six or seven guys that aren’t going to start in the first team playing tonight. It is really tough environment. The fans are not very forgiving here. It is like if you put on a uniform they are expecting you to play to the top level but these young players need a little bit of time to get in to the environment, get used to the professional game. At times we looked immature, inexperienced. The big positive was going down one-nil to Chivas and then, with that young group, coming back and scoring the goal and tying the game up.

On the team’s young talent

We’ve got young [Sebastian Rincon] playing tonight. An 18 year old. I don’t know if he’s ever played a game of professional soccer in his life. He showed flashes of good things and flashes of immaturity, but that is what you get with young players. You get inconsistent performances. It is a great test and a great baptism of fire for some of the young guys.

More quotes from John Spencer and Ryan Kowaluk after the jump

On coming from behind to tie the game

The fans expect us to win every game so you can feel the passion and the nervousness in the stadium and it kind of gets released onto the field and the younger players are not used to it. You can see them get a little bit nervous at times. If they’ve made a mistake you can see their heads hang down. I told them at half-time, just believe in yourself. You’re good players, you deserve to be here. I think they showed good character to keep fighting.

On the bright spots for the Timbers

We brought on [Diego Chara] and Diego gives us a lift. He doesn’t care what game it is, who he is playing with, or who is missing. He’s like the energizer bunny, buzzing around everywhere. He gives us that little bit of a lift. He’s always calm and quality on the ball, so I think he came in and did well. I thought [Jack Jewsbury] didn’t do too bad in the first half.

On the team’s current fitness

We’re missing so many bodies right now, with three guys away on national team duty. The injury list is pretty big. We didn’t want to play any of the guys that played the other evening against San Jose at all, but thanks to the situation we have had to. That is why we split the game with Jack and Diego and we might do the same again come the AIK game.

On Freddy Braun’s position

We’re so strong at the central midfield position that Freddy is probably fifth or sixth choice in that position. He’s had to play there just because we’re short of personnel. One thing about Freddy is, he has got a tremendous attitude. He comes in every day, works hard, and when he plays out there he really seems to rise to the occasion. In exhibition games the kid never looks out of place, but saying that Jewsbury, Chara, James Marcelin, [Kalif Alhassan], and [Darlington Nagbe] can all play in there so they are all quality individual players.

Ryan Kowaluk

On scoring on the day he signed with the Timbers

I probably couldn’t write something up better for myself today. That goal felt pretty awesome. It was almost a dream come true. To be honest, it is kind of a blur right now, but I went in. I was on cloud nine. It was awesome.

The ball got played over the top. I did almost like a swim move behind their defender and I think I hit it left footed. The keeper made a really nice initial save and then it trickled over the line. After it went in I was smiling ear to ear.

This was a great day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

On celebrating with the Timbers Army

There is not a better feeling, celebrating with the Army. Those guys come out and they give their full 90 singing all game. When you can make them happy and hold up the slab of wood in front of them it is quite a feeling.

On his goals for the season

I want to help the team in any way possible. I want to come in day in and day out with a professional attitude and keep improving myself as a player and when I get called upon, when I get oppertunities, take advantage of them.

On playing right back

I love right back. I’ve played it before. I love getting up and down the line. I love serving in balls. It’s a natural position for me. I enjoy it. Obviously I still need to learn some stuff, but hopefully I will just keep fine tuning my game throughout the season.