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Portland Timbers Practice Quotes and Notes: New England Bound

I had to head directly to work from practice today (I am on break there right now) so the post-training quotes will come later on tonight. -Will

Some Quick Notes:

In the warm-up keep away game Sal Zizzo was showing a lot of energy when trying to win the ball although his lateral movement was hard to judge. He looks like he could be close to game fit in the next week or so.

More Timbers notes after the jump.

After the warm-ups were completed the Timbers closed practice.

When the press was let back out to the field the Timbers were playing a short field game with teams of reserves and first framers mixed together.

Franck Songo'o looked lively during the short field game and did an excellent job of holding off his defenders while dribbling with the ball. Songo'o's ball control and strength are very impressive. Hopefully we will get to see them Saturday as John Spencer once again said that we will likely see Songo'o for 15-20 minutes against New England.

Sebastian Rincon capped off practice with a beautifully placed header past Troy Perkins into the corner of the net. Mike Chabala assisted with a well placed cross.