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Portland Timbers @ New England Revolution Preview Notes, Quotes and Links

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Welcome to a new series! Just as we do with our post game coverage, we're bringing the quotes, note and links article to our preview coverage. This will, hopefully, help round out the usual preview coverage we're able to provide to you guys. Enjoy!

Oh and, as usual, our match thread and official preview will be posted tomorrow before the game (probably around 9:00 am).


  • Franck Songo'o is not expected to start for the Timbers but could come on a a sub in the second half, probably in place of Eric Alexander who has been starting on the left for the last couple games.
  • Lovel Palmer has been placed on the injury list due to an illness which means we could see Steve Purdy starting at right back tomorrow instead. I wouldn't mind seeing how he has shaped up since his few appearances last year.
  • Heading into tomorrow's game the New England Revolution have not scored a single goal in the regular season. This puts them at a -4 GD and puts them in dead last in the league. Still early on in the season, but I like those odds.
  • New England Revolution midfielder, Benny Feilhaber is not expected to make tomorrow's game. He was recently seen wearing a foot brace, and his coach, Jay Heaps, has pretty much confirmed that he'll be out.


John Spencer (

"It has been a good start to the season. We played two quality teams, and if our guys believe in themselves as much as me and my coaches do, we’ll make it to playoffs."

New England Defender Chris Tierney (

"Boyd’s a great holdup player, there’s no question about it. They’ll be looking to find him and they’ll have guys running off, so we definitely have to be sharp picking up the guys running off. That’s something we’ll work on in training the rest of this week and we’ll be ready for that."

New England head coach Jay Heaps (

"We have to address the center back situation, but when you're talking about our midfield, that's one area where we feel we have some depth. Obviously, Benny's a classy player and someone that we lean on, but we don't want to get him out there and get him more injured. We have to be smart and pull him back a little bit."


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