Timbers adding another Scotsman?

From @maofootball and @timbersinsider, via BBC Sport, sounds like the Timbers are involved with Scottish defender Steven Smith, formerly of Aberdeen and Rangers.

Read the full article here. Mao has reported he is a LB, which, while being a position of need, does not seem to be as crucial as an upgrade at RB. Between Dober, Brett Evans, and now Smith, sounds like we're in the market for backs. Problem would seem to be that they're all internationals and that we don't have any available roster spots. After the article on EJ yesterday, if he gets shelved for the year, I believe we would have a spot, even with Rincon's signing (which, by the way, shouldn't that be announced soon?) .

Thoughts? I definitely like the Scottish vibe the Timbers have with Boyd and Spenny, throwing another in there, especially at a position we could use some help, doesn't seem like a bad thing. He and Boyd also played together from 2006-2010 at Rangers, which means he and Boyd would, in theory, have some history and chemistry together. Anyone have any idea if he's an upgrade, lateral move, or a depth move?

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