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Organizing the First Ever Stumptown Footy Reader Meet Up! [Poll]

We've got a great community here on Stumptown Footy. In fact of all the MLS blogs I'd argue that we have the best, although I may be biased... just a little bit. In any case, it's a damn shame that I, personally, have only met a very few of our readers in person and that's something I would like to change.

So here's what I'm thinking... we (as in myself, Ryan, Andy and Will) want to hold a reader meet up. The exact details have yet to be decided but the overall idea is that we'd get together, maybe watch a soccer game (or something) and generally give faces to all our names. Maybe even a special prize... exciting!

In any case, hopefully it'll help foster a greater connection with the community and with each other.

But before we start actually planning it and figuring out the logistics and everything that is involved with hosting such an event we want to know if you guys are even interested in such a thing, hence the poll. So please vote and let us know any questions or comments you have in the usual spot below. We'll try and answer as best as possible, but remember this is still early on in the planning phase.

Oh and if you vote "No" in the poll it means that under no circumstances would you go. In which case if you can let us know why that would be great. Keep in mind that choice of venue, etc. is still being planned. So if you simply won't go based on location, etc. please still vote yes just so that we can get some idea of how many would potentially go pending details.