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Quotes, Stats, and Links: Sporting Edition


Portland Timbers Quotes

Head coach John Spencer

On holding onto the lead late in the game:

"It's concentration. We know that. We did that earlier in the year last year, and I look at the game tonight and I think mostly their chances came from mistakes from us again. I addressed that with the guys in there, that if we don't miss-kick balls and miss-kick clearances and give them opportunities, then I think we could have handled them pretty well. People talk about Sporting KC's physicality. I don't think they are an overly-physical team, I just think they play the modern game the way it should be played at times. "

Thoughts on the match:

"I thought Lovel Palmer came in, played ever so well in the middle of the field; added a little bit of steal in there. I thought Diego [Chara] played superb, probably his best performance so far this year. Jorge [Perlaza] and [Kris] Boyd, they worked hard. We never got them a lot of good, quality services except for the one that Diego cleared across the eighteen, but I don't think we can really single anybody out. I think the performance was a good, solid performance ... But I think we have a lot more quality to come, that's for sure."

On playing the full 90 minutes:

"So it's up to us when the first whistle blows, we've got to try and match them, because if you don't match them, they are a big, physical, athletic team, and they'll roll you over. I think we stood up to them tonight, and gave them as good as we got."

On moving forward:

"I think we've got to take a lot of pride in our performance tonight. We've got to go to Montreal next weekend in another difficult game. There's no easy games in this league. I think that everybody here is starting to realize that on the field and off the field. Just because teams come in here, nobody's going to roll over. It's a tremendous atmosphere, everybody gets up for the games here, and that's including the opposition. We're very, very happy with three points tonight."

On Sporting KC's physical style of play:

"I think they have actually gotten a raw deal when it comes to reputation - it's a physical game. They play the game the way the game should be played. They play high-tempo, they pressure you all over the field, they have some tremendous athletes, they don't give you time on the ball, so if that's being over-physical then I'll take that every day. I wouldn't mind playing that team, because I'll tell you what, we got a lot of good players."

Goalkeeper Troy Perkins
Overall thoughts on the game:

"It wasn't pretty, it wasn't clean, but like we said before we went out, it's going to be a dull fight, and you know to get a win, it doesn't necessarily have to be pretty. Just get in around the ball as much as we can and fight for everything and we finally got a little bit of luck on our side."

On the defense's performance:

"I think we stayed compact. If you look, their chances are coming from 30, 40 yards, and then they're trying to get crosses in and they're not a team that gets crosses in a lot. So we really took a lot of the way they wanted to play away. The guys in front of me did a fantastic job."

Midfielder Jack Jewsbury
Overall thoughts on match:

"We knew it was going to be a hard battle. Obviously Kansas City is a very talented team, very physical, and that's what it ended up being tonight. I thought we pushed and pushed and it's great to get the three points."

On team's approach to the match:

"I think we just wanted to stay organized. We knew it was going to be a battle. First 15 minutes we just wanted to press the game on their end and kind of turn them around. I think anytime you're putting pressure on the ball, hopefully you're getting close enough. Now whether or not the foul count really even matters, some people can read into that a little too much, but at the end of the day, everyone fought from minute one to minute 90, and I think that was the difference tonight."

On playing a full 90 minutes:

"There was an injury right about that time, and kind of got everyone together and said, 'Hey, this is the time we've got to prove it not only to ourselves, but to everyone else that we can close games out and get a shutout.' I think that was very important for us tonight. We came into halftime knowing we were up a goal, and if we kept the clean sheet, we were going to get the three points and that's what we did."

Sporting Kansas City Quotes
Head coach Peter Vermes
Thoughts on the match:

"It would be a lot different if we came off the field and didn't play well. I think the chances they had in the second half were great chances for them, other than that, I didn't think they had much. I don't believe that we gave anything away, we're the team coming away from home and they got the three points. Credit them this, they played good at times. At the end of the day, I wouldn't change anything. I feel that we didn't give up much until the end and that is a big plus for us."

On the play that resulted in the own goal:

"It was just a bit of confusion on our part. Chance did a good job in my mind and he is going to think of this for a while, but overall I'm happy with his performance."

On what comes next:

"I think we have played three or four more games on the road and they're all in the Western Conference, besides the one at D.C. I thought our execution [tonight] was good, except for the own goal, which was just a bit of confusion from our side. I did like the way we came in here and still got the output we did tonight. It's not easy when you play away from home in this game. We did create a lot of havoc in their goal area. We will take these two weeks off which will be good for us to prepare for our next game."

On the club's first loss of the season:

"Look, I hate losing, but I have to put into context. If we came in here and didn't play well I think the guys would be feeling a bit different. Overall, I think our guys are happy with the way they played. From their perspective sometimes you have to chalk it up and move on - they don't like to lose either - and this game will definitely sit in our minds.

Defender Seth Sinovic
Thoughts on the match:

"Yeah, it's a tough game and great crowd. Unfortunately they went up on an own goal. I thought we played well even though they created some good chances and that's the way it goes sometimes."

On the end of the seven-game winning streak:

"We're disappointed to come away with a loss here and we wanted to take the momentum into the two-week break, but that's the way it goes sometimes. You just can't take away from the wins we've had so far. We just have to keep working and building off what we have learned."

On the result:

"Definitely, I thought we could have won the game and of course they had their chances. It was a hard fought game and that's the way this sport is. Sometimes you have the result you get, but with the two weeks off I feel that we will be ready for whatever else comes our way."

Forward C.J. Sapong
Thoughts on the match:

"We had a long [winning] streak, which gave us a target on our backs for every team to come at us. I feel that we may have given the game away, but it's not like they ran us off the field. I think the road trip took a lot out of us and we're happy to go get a little break and get right back at it soon."

On the result heading into an off week:

"I think it's just how the game goes, I don't think that there were any glaring mistakes. Everything we did, we just didn't do it to our maximum potential. It's just been a long stretch of games and this rest will do great things for us. Hopefully we will start another streak after."


Portland Timbers Sporting Kansas City
12 Attempts on Goal 16
2 Shots on Target 2
5 Shots off Target 8
5 Blocked Shots 6
7 Corner Kicks 7
16 Fouls 12
9 Open Play Crosses 17
5 Offsides 1
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
37 Duels Won 49
43% Duels Won % 56%
267 Total Pass 381
66% Passing Accuracy % 76%
41% Possession 59%