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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Mike Fucito Edition

The Portland Timbers held a closed practice today, so there was nothing to see of practice. Tomorrow's session will be open, so we'll hope Will can provide some details on how Mike Fucito looks in a Timbers training kit.

Until then, here are some quick tidbits from training Monday morning, followed by some video of Coach John Spencer and new acquisition Mike Fucito. (I'm in the very early stages of learning about video editing, so please go easy on my amateurishness.)

  • Rodney Wallace missed the reserve match on Sunday, but Spencer says he'll be available to play in Montreal this weekend. Apparently the guy is has the superhero ability to heal very quickly from high ankle sprains. Like, I don't know, Wolverine?
  • Mike Fucito thinks he might well be unavailable on Saturday because the trade deal may require that he not play in opposition to Montreal this year. I'm sure we'll get along without him.
  • Coach Spencer said Lovel Palmer might well remain in the CM role for as long as he's playing as well as he did on Saturday.

Coach Spencer

Mike Fucito