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Portland Timbers @ Montreal Impact Pre-Game Chat

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Last week's victory was a huge feet of mental strength for the Portland Timbers as it showed that not only could they get over their losing streak, but also that they could beat the league leaders while recording their first shut out of the 2012 season. Suffice it to say there was a lot to be happy about especially heading off on a road game against one of the current worst teams in the league.

So, with that said, I thought some pre-game discussion was in order. Feel free to discuss whatever you want to about tomorrow's game, but to help get some discussion started here are some topics:

  • Seven games into the season, how do you feel Kris Boyd has done so far? What do you expect out of him tomorrow?
  • Now that Mike Fucito has been to practice and is 100% a Timber, how many of you are hoping to see him get some action tomorrow against his former team?
  • Another player who could make his first appearance tomorrow is Steven Smith at left back. Anybody hoping to see him tomorrow?
  • Finally, let's hear your score line predictions!

Follow the jump for my answers

Okay so, first, I've been fairly impressed with Boyd so far this season. I mean, let's be honest, no striker comes out and scores a bajillion goals within a few months of joining a team unless he's had experience with those players in the past... at least not in MLS. So the fact that he has 3 goals to his name and his cross is largely responsible for the win on Saturday, I'd say he's done fairly well so far this season.

Second, I'm not sure how he'll ultimately fit it, but now that he is a Timbers-man I really want to see how good he is, especially after hearing about how loved he was in Seattle. That said, I think a few days training might not be enough time to really gel with the team, especially considering that the Timbers really, really need another 3 points tomorrow.

Third, I really wish he was a RB as the LB position is full. Still, I don't think the Timbers FO would bring him in without a purpose. It could be that, despite seemingly having extensive experience as a left back perhaps he's equally decent as a right back? It's been done before. In any case, I'll be interested to see how he slots in... hopefully tomorrow.

Finally, as usual, I don't give out my scoreline predictions. Let's just say that I expect the Timbers to win... hard.

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