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It's Time to Vent...

Get it all out. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Get it all out. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Emotions are high right now. We have fans calling for firings. Timbers Army capos yelling at players. Players being restrained from said capo. There's a lot of stuff in the air right now and I think it's time to just get it all out in the open with a good ol' venting thread.

So, essentially, this is your place right now to get WHATEVER you have on your mind with regards to the Portland Timbers players, coaching staff, front office, management OR the Timbers Army out in the open. No limitations. We all have opinions and we're all very passionate about this club. So get em out there and into the comments. Rants are encouraged!

There are a few ground rules:

  1. No matter what somebody says, NO personal attacks.
  2. No personal attacks or threats on individual players or anybody involved with the Timbers.
  3. Vent, but don't get out of control. If you need to ask if something is okay, it's probably not.
I'll go ahead and get us started because, like you, I'm very frustrated:

I'm sick of seeing the word "potential" when referencing players on this team. We've all seen what Darlington Nagbe can do, but he doesn't do it. Let's be honest here, after this year he'll no longer be a Generation Adidas player, he's still considered an international and he does not produce anything. Yes, he's talented but at some point that talent needs to translate into actual goals scored or, at the very least, assists earned.

Next, why is it that Cal FC can manage to get back to defend properly, but the Timbers back line struggles with it so much? You know there used to be a time when the back wing positions actually, you know, defended a little bit. Today they may as well be considered strikers for how often they aren't in their positions. How many goals have the Timbers given up this year due to a back winger not covering his man? I don't know if this is John Spencer's fault, or if it's a fault with a modern game. I don't care, I'm simply sick of seeing this crap happen.

Finally, these little mistakes that the Timbers consistently make need to end. How many times did I see Eric Alexander, Kalif Alhassan, or Freddie Braun pass it to nobody, or try and do something tricky only to see the ball land right into Cal FC's possession? Too many times and it was a consistent break up in the midfield. It's unacceptable. The Timbers are a professional team that gets paid money for doing this day in, day out. Any other professional that made this many mistakes would be fired or at least reprimanded in some way.

So there's mine. Let out your own frustrations below!

P.S. I still plan on having my special take on the player ratings sometime today or tomorrow, but I really wanted to let everybody vent before getting to that.